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Wheel Lift Towing Services

Wheel Lift Towing

Do you need help with a wheel lift towing services? There are many advantages to using this tow truck. The wheel lift tow truck comes with a metal yokes to which lifts and support the weight of the vehicle by their tires and is able to move the vehicle around easily. Wheel lift towing is highly mobile, which enables them to move through tight spots. Your vehicle will be towed fast and at cheap towing rates possible in Los Angeles. Give us a call when you need wheel lift towing.

Towing Services Los Angeles

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing services are done by specialized tow trucks known as flatbeds. They come with a ramp and a platform at the back for towing vehicles. Our flatbed towing trucks are highly efficient and well-maintained. Whether it is a motorcycle, car, mini-van, this tow truck can manage them well. We take pride in our flatbed towing services, and our professional technicians are always able to do so smoothly. There is no need to worry about the size of your vehicle; whether it is a sedan, sports vehicle, SUV, a heavy duty truck, a compact or luxury car, we can handle them all. Last but not least, you can rest assured that our towing rates are very affordable.

Light Duty Towing

Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is applied to which weighs up to 8,500 lbs, and they involve smaller vehicles cars, vans, and small trucks. We continuously use advanced and up to date equipment in the industry. We are able to give the highest quality of towing to our customers. Nobody likes to wait by the side of the road, so we always aim to help our customers as quickly as possible. You can rely on our towing team who are experienced and trained in any towing situations.

Medium Duty Towing

Medium Duty Towing

Medium Duty Vehicles commonly involves RVs, motorhomes, and vans. Medium duty Wheel lift tow truck can be used to tow these vehicles if they are broken down on the road. However, there is a weight difference between regular car towing and medium duty towing, so it is necessary to have the right equipment when carrying on the works.

Heavy Tow Truck

Heavy Duty Towing

A heavy-duty vehicle break-down on the road needs professional heavy-duty towing to recover it. Vehicles such as buses, semi-trucks, trailers or buses require the right tow trucks to the job. We have what it takes to do the heavy lifting, and do it safely. our technicians are qualified in every aspect of our services, and we will safely move the vehicle to the destination. Whenever your buses or trucks have broken down, call us for heavy-duty towing assistance.